Writing Tools In Transana

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Writing Tools in Transana

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  • Working with Notes
  • Research Journals and Hyperlinks

Working with Notes

Transana’s Notes feature is great for writing Analytic Memos, among other things. (14:02, Transana 2.53 shown)

Please note that what was called a Series in Transana 2.61 and earlier is called a Library in Transana 3.00 and later. Also, you can create Notes for Snapshots (Transana 2.6), Documents (Transana 3.0), and Quotes (Transana 3.0). None of these data elements are mentioned in this ScreenCast because they were not available when the ScreenCast was recorded. Document Notes can be used in the same way that Episode Notes are used, and Snapshot and Quote Notes function in very similar ways to Clip Notes.

Research Journals and Hyperlinks

This ScreenCast demonstrates Research Journals, which are available in Transana Professional, Transana Multiuser, and Transana for Computer Labs 3.00 and higher. Research Journals allow a different form of analytic writing in Transana than Notes, and are designed to allow researchers to begin writing up the results of their qualitative analyses within Transana. It also introduces Hyperlinks, which are available in all Transana 3.00 and higher versions. Hyperlinks allow researchers to embed links in Documents and Transcripts to Quotes, Clips, Snapshots, and Notes in Transana. When you combine Research Journals and Hyperlinks, you get a very powerful mechanism for describing analytic conclusions linked to the crucial pieces of evidence that support them. (8:42, Transana 3.00 shown)