December 5, 2018
Dr. Christina Silver
University of Surrey, England

The course combines discussion, demonstration and hands-on work, including:

  • Contextual discussions – developmental, methodological and analytical principles
  • Software Overview –interface, architecture, tools
  • Analytic Planning – ensuring analytic strategies drive the appropriate use of software tools
  • Guided Instruction – step-by-step teaching in the operation of Transana and the use of tools for analytic tasks
  • Individual Support – time for participants to discuss their projects with the tutor
Audio-Visual and Textual Analysis Using Transana

The full syllabus and registration are at the link. A great opportunity for in-person training in qualitative analysis with Transana.

What does a Transana Workshop look like?

The Transana workshops offered here are led by David Woods, Transana’s Lead Developer. Workshops cover:

  • Overview of Transana
  • Bringing Text, Image, Media, and Survey Data into Transana
  • Transcription of Media Data as an Analytic Act
  • Selecting, Categorizing, and Coding Data
  • Enhancing your Analysis with Still Images
  • Making Sense of Coded Data through Reports, Graphs, and Searches
  • Advanced Analytic Techniques
  • Lots of opportunities for questions and individual consultations
  • Ample time for practicing techniques as they are presented

In-Person Workshops

If you request an in-person workshop, I will come to your location. You determine who will be attending, although I recommend a maximum of 25 people. All participants should have their own computers for learning and practice sessions. You can use your project data, or I can supply practice data. The workshop can be tailored to your project’s specific needs upon request. I can also provide a workshop version of Transana if your participants do not already own Transana. In-person workshops typically last two days, with an optional third day depending on the needs of the group hosting the workshop.

Online Workshops

I can provide online workshops varying in length between two and four sessions of four hours each. More sessions allow for more topics to be covered in greater depth with more practice, allowing a greater depth of learning. Participants should already own Transana (the Demonstration version is not sufficient) and I recommend practice between sessions. Ideally, participants will also have data they want to work with for learning and practice sessions. Online workshops can be private, or we can invite additional Transana users (to a maximum of 15 participants) to reduce the cost per participant.


For more information or to schedule a Transana Workshop, please use the contact form to contact us.