There are four basic categories of products available from the web site.

Transana Software

The Transana Program assists you in the analysis of text, still image, and media data.  There are three versions of the Transana program to meet different analytic needs.

The Transana Cloud Service

Transana’s Multiuser version is a powerful collaboration tool which allows multiple researchers to work on the analysis of the same data set at the same time.  To make this possible, you can set up your own server, or you can subscribe to the Transana Cloud Service.

Transana Training Events

We offer Webinars, designed to give a quick overview of working with Transana and Workshops, designed to help people learn to use Transana.

Transana Consulting

Whether you want an in-house Transana Workshop, consultation on your research project, or to sponsor development of a feature you need, Transana Consulting can provide the Transana-specific expertise you need.  Please use the contact form to let us know more about your project.