Integrate Your Data Sources

Integrate video, audio, text and image data in a single analysis


Transcribe video and audio data fast with our keyboard shortcuts, from quick annotation to Conversation Analysis

Categorize and Code

Categorize and code segments of your data analytically

Analyze Multiple Camera Video

Sync and analyze complex media data in powerful, flexible ways, using multiple transcripts or no transcripts at all

Collaborate with Colleagues

Collaborate in real time over distance using Transana Multiuser

Affordable, With No Recurring Fees

Powerful software that you own. Keep access to your own coded data without ongoing fees


Create Compelling Presentations

Share highlights from your video data and show your reports with Transana’s Presentation Mode

Customize and View Reports

Explore your coded data through text reports, graphical reports, searches and word clouds
Transana 4.0 upgrades

Sophisticated Tools for the Analysis of Video, Audio, Image, Text and Survey Data

A Quick Introduction to Transana

New to Transana? Watch the ‘Welcome to Transana’ video to learn how you can analyze your richest and most complex video, audio, text and still image data better than ever before!

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Years of as the Leading Qualitative Analysis Tool for Video

Transana Office Cats

Core Features of Transana Professional


Import Text Into Transana

Import large quantities of text into Transana in plain text, from Word files or RTF documents. Categorize and code it.

Code & Categorize Media Clips

Import, transcribe, code and analyze up to 4 simultaneous media files. Locate media Clips in context and export Clip videos.

Convert Media Files

Convert your video files to an analysis-friendly format using Transana’s simple conversion tool.

Import and Analyze Still Images

Import still images or capture images from your video data in Transana. Crop, categorize and code with coding shapes. Embed images into your Documents and Transcripts

Import Online Survey Data

Import survey data in spreadsheet form for qualitative analysis. Select questions for automatic coding during import, and use Transana’s powerful analysis tools to get the most from your survey responses.

Prompts in 7 World Languages

Support for data in most left-to-right languages with prompts in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, and Chinese.  If you are interested in seeing transana in additional languages, please contact us about becoming a translator.

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