Cloud Service

The Transana Cloud Service is the easiest way to get your team up and running with Transana Multiuser

The Transana Cloud Service is a subscription-based secure server that allows research teams to take advantage of the collaborative power of Transana Multiuser without the time-consuming technical challenges and expense of running their own data server.

 The Transana Cloud Service is secure. Each project has its own database and controls the creation of its individual user accounts. No one can have access to your data without your permission. All connections to the Transana Cloud Service are fully encrypted.

The Transana Cloud Service is cost-effective. Even research teams affiliated with large universities are often charged a lot of money for hosted server space. We provide you an affordable solution.

The Transana Cloud Service is easy. We take care of the setup of the server for you, which can be a daunting technical task. We configure the critical server utilities, perform ongoing system upgrades and maintenance. We make it easy for your team to share data so you can focus on your research rather the technology.

Cost of Transana Cloud Service


Total Cost

Cost per month

12 months US $360 $30
6 months US $210 $35
3 months US $120 $40
1 month US $50 $50
Initial Setup Fee US $50 One-time fee with continuous service

How to Subscribe

1. Download, sign and return the Transana Cloud Service User Agreement. Please include all pages in your return email, not just the signature page.

2. Once you have returned the agreement, press the button below.

Sharing Data In Real Time

The Transana Cloud Service allows all of your users to work within a single database,  analyzing data collaboratively from anywhere on Earth.   Transcripts, Clips, Quotes, Snapshots and coding are updated for all users instantly.

Storage and File Transfer

Your raw media files – the video, audio, and still image files in your data collection – are not stored on the Transana Cloud Service. You will keep those available on your own computer or network, as will each member of your research team. Video files, in particular, are extremely large and the internet is simply not fast enough to stream video as required for analysis in Transana. As a result, each member of your collaboration needs fast access to your project’s media data files.

Most projects find that file sharing services such as Box, DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive and iCloud are very convenient for sharing media files with colleagues.  We recommend using a system with automatic synchronization to a local storage location. Please contact us if you have questions about file storage and sharing for use with Transana Multiuser.