Tools and Utilities

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Writing Tools in Transana
Tools and Utilities

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  • Media Conversion
  • File Management and Update Database
  • Find Missing Files
  • Transferring Coded Data In and Out of Transana

Media Conversion

Transana 2.50 and higher have a special Media Conversion tool. This can often help with media files that don’t work right in Transana. (7:12, Transana 2.50 alpha release shown)

File Management and Update Database

This ScreenCast demonstrates Transana’s File Management tool and shows how to handle the “File cannot be found” image for media files and still images. (4:54, Transana 3.00 shown)

Find Missing Files

What to do when you get the “File cannot be found” error for media and image files in Transana 3.20. This tool also helps when you move or rename media and image files. (5:57, Transana 3.20 shown.)

Database and Codebook Import and Export

This ScreenCast demonstrates how to import full databases into and out of Transana. (6:22, Transana 3.31 shown.)