Downloads and Upgrades

If you have purchased Transana software, you can use this form at any time to check your current upgrade status. If you bought Transana within the last year, you can upgrade to the newest version of the software for free, and for a discounted rate in years two and three.

If you have Transana installed on one computer and need to move it to a new one, you can download the software again by using this link. You must delete it from the old computer to be able to use the newly downloaded copy of the software.

Please enter the e-mail address used to purchase or register your copy of Transana. Information on downloading and upgrading your copy of Transana will be sent to that e-mail address.

E-mail Address:

If your e-mail address has changed or you are having other problems, please use the Contact Form and include your original and current e-mail addresses in the message.