Creating Analytic Codes and Categories

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Creating Analytic Codes & Categories

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  • Creating Keywords and Keyword Groups
  • Default Keywords
  • Creating Collections in Transana
Writing Tools in Transana

Creating Keywords and Keyword Groups

How to create Keywords and Keyword Groups in Transana. This ScreenCast also describes how to view the Keyword Summary Report. (7:30, Transana 3.00 shown)

Default Keywords

You can make sure that coding is added to all Quotes taken from a Document or all Clips taken from an Episode using Default Keywords. (4:05, Transana 3.00 shown)

Creating Collections in Transana

The first step in creating analytic data items in Transana is to create a Collection. This ScreenCast provides some information about the analytic process in Transana and demonstrates creating a Collection. (5:35, Transana 3.00 shown

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