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If you are purchasing copies of Transana for more than one researcher, please make separate purchases so that all researchers can receive their download instructions and be properly registered for future free and discounted upgrades.

Transana Purchase Details

QuantityVersionUnit Price
Transana Professional 3.32d / 4.00Beta02, the full single-user versionUS $ 350
Transana Basic 3.32d / 4.00Beta02, the single-user version for basic video and audioUS $150
US $ 75 with Student Discount Transaction Code
Transana Multiuser 3.32d / 4.00Beta02, the multi-user version

Transana Multiuser details and terms

The purchase of Multi-user Transana entitles you to copy and distribute the Transana Multiuser 3.32d / 4.00Beta02 client program to everyone working with you on one project. Your colleagues may not use it for unrelated projects.

US $ 795
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Transana 3.32 is not compatible with macOS Catalina or macOS Big Sur.
We anticipate releasing a compatible version the first week of March, 2021.

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