Searches in Transana

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  • Quick Searches and Search Results
  • Full Searches
  • Boolean Basics and the use of Parentheses in Searches in Transana
Writing Tools in Transana

Quick Searches and Search Results

This ScreenCast describes the use of Quick Searches in Transana and demonstrates the functionality of Search Results in Transana. (3:36, Transana 3.00 shown.)

Full Searches

This ScreenCast describes the use of Full Searches in Transana, including demonstrating Transana’s Search Interface, saving Search Specifications, and convert Search Results to Collections in Transana (11:06, Transana 3.00 shown.)

Boolean Basics and the Use of Parentheses in Searches

This ScreenCast shows exactly how Searches work in Transana, demonstrating the basics of boolean logic, describing the use of parentheses, and illustrating an issue that all researchers should be aware of when doing Searches. (6:28, Transana 3.00 shown.)

Ophelia’s official title at Transana is Linda from H.R. Everyone knows Linda, right? She’s the one who makes sure you feel special on your birthday and keeps an eye on the snacks. She’ll pop into your office just to see how you’re doing. She is not the best at respecting personal space, but she cares.