Detailed Feature Comparison

Detailed Feature Comparison Chart Key:

Media Data

Still Image


Text Data

Single User

PDF Documents

Multiple Simultaneous Users









(US $75 for students, not upgradable)

US $395

US $895

Import Data
Import Video and Audio Data
Convert Media Files in many unsupported formats using the internal Media Conversion Tool
Supports Multiple Simultaneous Media Files
Transcribe Media Data
(Transcription is optional.)
(Automated transcription available.)
Use Autocomplete and Transcription Shortcuts to define & add blocks of text with a single keystroke.
Support for Multiple Simultaneous Transcripts to facilitate more sophisticated forms of analysis
Import Text Data into Documents
Import PDF Documents
Import Survey Data from Spreadsheet Files
with auto-coding for categorical data
Import Still Image Data into Documents and Transcripts
Capture Still Images from Video Data
Import Still Image Data and Screenshots into Snapshots
Link Coded Images to Media Files for Context
Analyze Data
Identify and name analytic selections
Code Still Image Snapshots with Coding Shapes
Categorization – Create and expand thematic Collections to group related data selections
Categorization – Nest thematic Collections in existing Collections as deeply as you like
Categorization – Move, Copy, and Sort items within Collections
Coding – Create and expand a flexible coding scheme
Coding – Create temporary groups of data items based on Coding
Locate data selections in their original context
Reports and Analytic Tools
Library Report – A text-based report about source data files
Source Data Reports – A text-based report about how source data has been used analytically
Collection Report – A text-based report about analytic data gathered into a Collection, regardless of source
Word Frequency Reports & Word Cloud – Word Frequency data for many Libraries, Documents, Episodes, Transcripts, and Collections
Source Data Keyword Maps – Graphical report that shows coding for source data
Collection Keyword Map – A graphical report that shows coding for media data gathered into a Collection, regardless of source
Library Keyword Maps and Graphs – A set of graphical report that shows coding across multiple media files
Search Tool – Gather data items together based on contained text, coding, and categorization that has been applied
Search Matrix Tool – Define a grid of searches to explore how your codes and categories interact
Analytic Data Export – Export information about coded data for mixed methods analysis
Writing Tools
Notes for all supported data types, facilitating keeping Analytic Memos
Notes Browser Tool – facilitates the review and comparison of Notes
Notes Reports
Create, edit, and export Research Journals for Analytic Writing-up
Add hyperlinks in Research Journals to the critical data items behind your analytic understanding
Other features
Support for extremely large data collections
Play All Clips in a Collection
Presentation Modes
Export Clip Video
Copy, transfer or back up data using Transana-XML format
Import data from StudioCode
Support for data in most left-to-right languages with prompts in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, and Chinese – Simplified
Collaborative Analysis by multiple simultaneous users (Server Setup or Transana Cloud Service required)
Built-in Tutorial and Manual

Installations per purchase:

One computer (You may move Transana if you get a new computer)
One computer (You may move Transana if you get a new computer)
One Researcher’s research projects. That is, one server and the research teams of one Lead Researcher. Team members should not use this purchase for analysis unrelated to the Lead Researcher’s work.