Demonstration Version

The Transana Demo offers you a chance to download a limited version of the software and try out Transana’s features and tools before making a decision to buy. Import and work with your own data file, or upload our Demo Data Files.

Here are some ways to familiarize yourself with the program as you get started:

1 Watch the three introductory Transana Demo videos below. They will help you to upload a data file, teach you some basic transcription and time coding in Transana, let you make clips and quotes from your data, and then experiment with categorizing and coding them.

2 Watch the Transana Overview video and other demonstration videos on the ScreenCasts pages.

3  In the Transana Demonstration program, go the Help menu and select the Tutorial item.

Please note that the Transana Demonstration program supports some features from Transana Professional that are not available in Transana Basic. Also, some advanced features are not available in the Demonstration.

Download Transana Demonstration version 3.21

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Demonstration Data Files

If you don’t have suitable data of your own, here is a short video with a corresponding transcript, a sample document, and several image files.