Demonstration Version

The Transana Demo offers you a chance to download a limited version of the software and try out Transana’s features and tools before making a decision to buy. Import and work with your own data files.

Get the Most From The Transana Demo

  • Watch the three introductory Transana Demo videos and the Transana Overview below.  Learn to upload a data file, how to do basic transcription and time coding, make clips and quotes from your data, and then experiment with categorizing and coding them. Create some reports to see how much your data has to show you!
  • Visit the Transana Online Tutorial for a detailed, visual walk-through of Transana’s features and tools. The Tutorial includes a large number of demonstration videos as well.

Please note that the Transana Demonstration program supports some features from Transana Professional that are not available in Transana Basic. Also, some advanced features are not available in the Demonstration.

Download Transana Demonstration version 5.20

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The Transana Demonstration Version is limited. Click here to learn more.

In the Transana Demonstration version, you are limited to:

  • 1 Database named “Demonstration”
  • 5 Episodes and 5 Episode Transcripts
  • Maximum Transcript length is 5,000 characters (about 2.5 to 3 pages)
  • 5 Documents
  • 5 Snapshots
  • 20 Quotes and 20 Clips
  • 15 Keywords
  • The Media Conversion Tool is disabled

NOTE: Transana for macOS 5.10 (and higher) requires a Mac with an Apple processor. Transana for macOS 5.05 is available for Intel-based Macs.

Support is just a click away!

This video briefly demonstrates manual transcription and manual insertion of time codes. Even if you plan to use automated transcription, it’s a good idea to have a grasp of the concepts presented here so you can fix errors and problems that may occur with automated transcripts.

(To learn more about automated transcription, see the Automated Transcription page in the Tutorial.)