Demonstration version

The Transana Demonstration version is a limited version of Transana designed to let people try the program before making their purchasing decision.

New to Transana?

If you are new to Transana, here are some suggestions of ways to familiarize yourself with the program.

You can get an overview of what Transana does and how you can approach the analysis of text, still image, and media data by watching the Transana Overview video. You may also be interested in the tutorial videos on the ScreenCasts page.

You can download and installed the Transana Demonstration version and the demonstration data available below. Once the program is installed, go to the Help menu and select “Tutoral”. The tutorial, in conjuction with the demonstration data files, walks you through many of the steps involved in analyzing sample data with Transana.

If you run into difficulties, please take a look at the Transana FAQ. If the demonstration video works but you have difficulty getting your particular video or audio files working with Transana, see the Media Conversion ScreenCast. (Please note, however, that media conversion is not available in the Transana Demonstration version.)

(Please note that the Transana Demonstration version supports some features from Transana Professional that are not available in Transana Basic.)


Transana Demonstration Version 3.21

Released November 7, 2017

Transana 3.21 Demonstration for Windows

This is the Transana Demonstration Program for Windows.

The Windows version of Transana requires that the free QuickTime Player be installed for some media formats.

Transana 3.21 Demonstration for macOS

This is the Transana Demonstration Program for macOS.

Transana must be installed and run from /Applications/Transana_3 on masOS or some functions may fail.


Demonstration Data Files

Demonstration Data Files

A sample document, a short sample video file with the corresponding transcript, and three sample image files for use with the Transana Tutorial.