Transcription and Time Codes

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Transcription & Time Codes

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  • Types of Transcripts
  • Transcription with Transana
  • Time Codes in Transana
  • Transcription Shortcuts
  • Using Speech Recognition Software with Transana
  • Transcript Formatting and Transcript Templates
Writing Tools in Transana

Types of Transcripts

Many different types of transcripts are possible with Transana. This video describes different transcript styles that can be used in the qualitative analysis of media data. (10:11, Transana 3.20 shown.)

Transcription with Transana

How to transcribe video and audio in Transana. (5:51, Transana 3.31 shown)

Time Codes in Transana

How to insert Time Codes with Transana which linking the transcript and the video or audio file. (6:33, Transana 3.31 shown)


Speed up your transcription in Transana 3.30 and later using Transcription Shortcuts! (4:01, Transana 3.30 shown)

Using Speech Recognition with Transana

This screencast demonstrates automated transcription in Transana 5.01 using the server.

Transcript Formatting and Transcript Templates

This “advanced” ScreenCast shows how to format your transcript, and how to create Transcript Templates. For Transana 2.50 and higher only. (16:38, Transana 2.50 shown.)

Keyboard Shortcuts