May 22, 2024
15:00 GMT

10 am CDT (Chicago)
8 am PDT (Los Angeles)
11 am EDT (New York)
4 pm BST (London)
5 pm CET (Paris, Geneva)
5 pm SAST (Johannesburg)
6 pm TRT (Ankara)
8:30 pm IST (Mumbai)

Introduction to Transana


A free live webinar with David Woods, Ph.D.

This fast-paced webinar introduces Transana 5.2x’s tools for analyzing video and audio data, still images, text data, and PDFs.

David will demonstrate importing data, including automated transcription of media data, discuss coding and categorization techniques for assigning analytic meaning to data selections, and show how you can use Transana’s reports, maps, graphs, and search tools to make sense of coded and categorized data. Learn how you can use clips and quotes to make sense out of your qualitative data from a variety of theoretical perspectives.

This webinar has a greater emphasis on analysis of data compared to the “Transcription with Transana” webinar, but the two webinars overlap to some extent.

Feel free to bring your questions – David is happy to talk with you at the end of the webinar.

This webinar is free, but registration is required so we know where to send connection instructions.

(NOTE: Some features presented in this Webinar are not available in the Basic version of Transana.)

Introduction to Transana - May 22, 2024, 15:00 GMT, 10am CDT (Chicago), 4pm BST (London), 5pm CEST (Paris, Geneva), 5pm SAST (Johannesburg), 6pm EEST (Ankara), 8:30pm IST (Mumbai)
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