Special Features

Advanced Tools for Research and Analysis

Transcribe Quickly With Ease

Transana offers integrated options for automated transcription of media files using the latest AI tools. It provides unsurpassed tools for improving automated transcripts, as well as for transcribing manually.

Transana provides simple keyboard shortcuts for controlling your media files from within the transcription window, making the process of manual transcription as fast and efficient as possible.

Use our Autocomplete and Transcription Shortcuts features to define blocks of text such as speaker names or frequently repeated terms or phrases, which can be inserted with an easy key combination.

Transcribe and do all of your analysis right within Transana. No more tedious typing into text files using a media player and a word processor. Your transcript is linked to your media file as you type, time code, and analyze your data.

Bring the visual layer of your video into the analysis with screenshots.  It’s easy.

Analyze Multiple Simultaneous Videos

Easily synchronize and analyze up to four simultaneous video feeds with Transana Professional. Capture data from multiple perspectives when studying any busy, interactive environment, whether it be a focus group, an office, a factory floor, a classroom or an animal behavior study.

Create Multiple Transcripts

Making  multiple transcripts for your media files lets you approach your data from different analytic perspectives on the same screen. This powerful technique allows you to create up to five transcripts to document layers of words, gestures, actions and interactions, or highlight the interplay of script, cinematographer, editor and director.  You can combine your transcripts with up to four simultaneous video streams. Building a unique system of transcripts for your research will unlock your own nuanced, intersectional analysis.

This screen shot to the right shows a video with a verbatim transcript, a descriptive visual transcript and an image transcript.

Collaborate Remotely With Your Whole Research Team

Share your data set using Transana Multiuser. Team members can transcribe, code, make notes, create reports, analyze, and write up findings simultaneously from anywhere with an internet connection. Affordable and cutting edge, with all the tools of Transana Professional.

Convert Media Files

Use Transana’s easy Media Conversion tool to convert your audio and video recordings to a format you can use for analysis. Regardless of the format your data was gathered in, you can import it and quickly prepare it for analysis using Transana.

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