If you are having trouble getting started, or have gotten stuck moving forward with your analysis, don’t feel bad.  The analysis of video is inherently complicated and there are multiple steps involved in preparing and making sense of video data.  In addition, Transana is a very powerful, flexible tool, so there are a lot of options in the software that you may not even be aware of. 

There are many free training tools available on the Transana web site, including the Tutorial, the ScreenCasts, and asking questions through the Contact form.  While these work well for many people a lot of the time, we occasionally hear from people who want or need something that’s a little bit more.

That’s where consultations come it.  For example, if you want help figuring out how implement a particular analytic methodology, or want guidance about how best to organize your particular data in Transana, and you can’t figure out the answer from looking at relevant parts of the Tutorial and ScreenCasts, these are probably best discussed in a one-on-one online consultation.  Or perhaps you’d like to have one of our experts come to your campus to meet with your research team to get them jump-started, then to follow up with a monthly online meeting.


David K. Woods, Ph.D. has been Transana’s lead developer for over 20 years and knows all aspects of working with data in Transana intimately. He developed advanced techniques such as working with multiple simultaneous media files and multiple simultaneous transcripts, and pioneered collaborative qualitative analysis by releasing Transana Multiuser in 2002.

Zeynab Badreddine, Ph.D. is CEO at Advanced Video Based Research LLC and a specialist in video data analysis in education. Her company’s main objectives are to accompany researchers and professionals through their projects on methodological choices related to the use of video during practice analysis. It includes expertise in field engineering, data collection and archiving, building methodology through CAQDAS, and production of results.

Please use the Contact form to let us know what you are interested in. We can work up a consultation plan and a proposed budget.