ScreenCasts are short videos to help you learn Transana.

ScreenCast videos walk you through the basics of using Transana. The links in the left column

will guide you to additional pages to view the ScreenCasts listed in each category.

The Transana Tutorial, available in Transana’s Help menu, is the most complete source of detailed information for learning Transana.
Using the Tutorial and the ScreenCasts you should be able to confidently master all the features of Transana.

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  • Transana Overview
  • Transana’s Analytic Model
  • Transana’s Main Screen
Writing Tools in Transana

Transana Overview

A quick overview of the qualitative analysis of media-based data with Transana. (4:16 in length, Transana 3.21 shown.)

Transana’s Analytic Model

An introduction to Transana’s basic terminology and an overview of the Transana Analytic Model. This ScreenCast underlies all the remaining ScreenCasts. (7:57 in length.)

Transana’s Main Screen

This ScreenCast introduces Transana’s main screen and shows how the different components interact with each other. (7:04, Transana 3.00 shown)