Transana Professional is designed for researchers with complex data.

Transana Professional allows you to analyze video files, audio files, still images, and text data, including survey data. You can import and synchronize up to four multiple simultaneous media files, allowing you analyze them as a single, integrated data stream. You can create up to five multiple transcripts of your video data so that you can capture, code and interpret the rich layers and subtle nuances you may never have been able to see before. Produce text-based and graphical reports, take copious notes and develop your analytic memos and research journals directly within Transana.

 USD $350

Import and analyze media data (audio and video) into Episodes with Transcripts
Manage and analyze extremely large collections of media data
Analyze up to FOUR simultaneous video files
Explore coded data from a variety of perspectives with sophisticated reports and analytic tools
Import and analyze text data — plain text, from Word files or RTF documents
Import and analyze data from online survey tools
Segment, categorize, and code text Quotes, and locate Quotes in context
Transana Professional makes a variety of analytical approaches easy to carry out on your video, audio, text and image data


Create and expand thematic Collections

Nest thematic Collections in existing Collections as deeply as you like

Select portions of media files to place in Collections

Select portions of text files to place in Collections

Place still images in Collections

Move, copy and sort items within Collections


Create and expand a flexible coding scheme

Apply codes to portions of media files

Apply codes to portions of text files

Apply codes to still images using Coding Shapes

Create temporary groups of data items based on Coding

Transana Professional provides essential writing tools:

Notes for all supported data types, facilitating keeping Analytic Memos

Notes Browser Tool – facilitates the review and comparison of Notes

Notes Reports

Create, edit and export Research Journals for analytic write up

Add hyperlinks in Research Journals to instantly call up the critical data items (clips, quotes and snapshots) that demonstrate concepts and provide evidence for your analytic argument

Transana Professional has a complete on-line Tutorial and built-in Manual

Transana Professional supports data transfer:

Copy complete Transana databases to new databases or to Transana on different computers using Transana-XML format

Back up your Transana databases to protect against computer disasters using Transana-XML format

Transfer data between Transana and other Qualitative Data Analysis Software programs that support the REFI-QDA Exchange Format

Import data from StudioCode

Transana Professional provides international language support:

Support for data in most left-to-right languages with prompts in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian Bokmal, Norwegian Ny-norsk, Swedish, and Chinese – Simplified

Support for data in some right-to-left languages with prompts in Arabic (Windows only)

Transcribe, segment, categorize, and code any quantity of media data

Transcription is not automated in Transana
Transcripts are not required for working with media data in Transana

Define Transcription Shortcuts, blocks of text such as speaker names or frequently repeated terms or phrases, which can be inserted with an easy key combination

Perform complex analysis using up to FIVE simultaneous Transcripts
Convert media files from many unsupported formats using Transana’s Media Conversion Tool
Locate media clips in context
Code and categorize media clips
Review thematically similar media segments using Transana’s ‘Play All Clips’ feature
Export Clip videos
Capture still images from video data in Transcripts and Snapshots
Import and code still image Snapshots with Coding Shapes
Link coded images to media files for context
Transana Professional offers a rich range of analytic tools and reports:

Library Report – A text-based report about source data files

Document Report – A text-based report about how source text data has been used analytically

Document Keyword Map – A graphical report that shows coding for source text data

Episode Report – A text-based report about how source media data has been used analytically

Episode Keyword Map – A graphical report that shows coding for source media files

Collection Report – A text-based report about analytic data gathered into a Collection, regardless of source

Collection Keyword Map – A graphical report that shows coding for media data gathered into a Collection, regardless of source

Library Keyword Maps and Graphs – A set of graphical report that shows coding across multiple media files

Search Tool – Gather data items together based on the coding and categorization that has been applied

Search Matrix Tool – Create a grid of searches to explore how your codes and categories interact

Quote Data Export – supply information about coded text data for mixed methods analysis

Clip Data Export – supply information about coded media data for mixed methods analysis

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