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  • Analyzing Sports Video
  • What Has Transana Done for Qualitative Methodology?
  • The Data Conversion Utility for Transana 3.00

Analyzing Sports Video

This stand-alone ScreenCast provides an overview of the analysis of a season of American Football using Transana, aimed at people not familiar with Transana. This video shows the use of an annotated transcript referred to as the Game Log, shows the creation of Quick Clips as a way to code the video, shows the use of the Keyword Map, Episode Report, Collection Report and Play All Clips, and discusses using Searches. (24:16, Transana 2.53 shown)

CAQDAS 2014 Pecha Kucha Presentation

Developers of about a dozen qualitative analysis programs were invited to present a Pecha Kucha presentation on the topic of what their software has contribued to Qualitative Analysis. This is a rehearsal of my presentation I recorded before the conference.

Please note that this presentation shows Transana 2.61, prior to the addition of support for text data in Transana 3.00.

Pecha Kucha is a presentation format where the presenter has 20 slides of 20 seconds each with no control over the pacing of the slides. It is designed to promote efficiency in presentation.

The Data Conversion Utility for Transana 3.00 +

The single-user versions of Transana (Basic, Professional, and Computer Lab) require a data conversion process to move databases from version 2.61 and earlier to version 3.00 and later. This ScreenCast explains and demonstrates both the automated process using the Data Conversion Utility and the manual process for converting data. (7:58, Transana 3.00 release shown)

NOTE: If you do not have a Video Root Directory defined, the conversion tool will crash. Please define your Video Root Directory in your old version of Transana before using the Conversion Utility.

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