Working withText Data

Text is, from a procedural standpoint, the easiest type of data to analyze qualitatively. Text is made up of characters (and occasionally images) in a particular linear order. For analysis, Transana ignores decorative elements that modern word processors might add (such as repeating header and footer information) and cannot interpret any meaning that may be implied by layout in tables and charts.

To analyze text data in Transana, you start by bringing your data into Transana as a Document. You use your cursor to select a set of consecutive characters you find analytically meaningful. You then create a Quote, which links the selection you have made with analytic meaning, either through Coding (linking a Keyword to the selection) or Categorization (placing the selection in a Collection).

(If your text has complex visual or layout elements that are meaningful and that you wish to preserve, you should consider converting your text data to PDF format.)