Types of Transcripts

Transana can help you create many different types of Transcripts for different analytic purposes. Here are some ideas of different types of Transcripts you might find useful.

Transcription options discussed, described, or demonstrated in this video include:

  • Working without transcripts
  • Field Notes
  • Partial Transcripts
  • Gisted Transcripts
  • Verbatim Transcription
  • Translation Transcripts
  • Transcription of non-verbal layers. Descriptive Transcripts
  • Visual Transcripts
  • Transcripts for different analytic views or layers of the same media file(s)
  • Interpersonal Process Recall
  • Conversation Analysis, Discourse Analysis, Interaction Analysis. (Jeffersonian Transcription shown)
  • Phoenetic Transcription

If you are interested in going into much greater depth on this topic, this video of an hour-long webinar, sponsored by the CAQDAS Networking Project, may fit the bill.