Transana’s Built-in Transcription Shortcut Keys

Transana has a number of additional keyboard shortcuts to streamline the transcription process, including shortcuts for Jeffersonian Notation. We also provide you with keyboard shortcuts to use within the visualization window to efficiently move back and forth within your video or audio file. You can download or print our three pages of shortcuts to refer to as you transcribe your media files.

Main Shortcut Keys

Transcription Shortcut Keys

Most Commonly Used Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Media Control
Ctrl-A or Cmd-A Starts media file playback with ten-second rewind
Ctrl-S or Cmd-S Start or Pause Video Starts media file playback with two-second rewind
Ctrl-D or Cmd-D Pauses and Starts media file playback with NO rewind
Ctrl-F or Cmd-F Starts media file playback forward ten seconds
Ctrl-T or Cmd-T Inserts a Time Code, matching the current cursor position in the Transcript with the current position in the Media File.
Ctrl-(comma) or Cmd-< slows down media playback by 10% of normal speed
Ctrl-(period) or Cmd-> speeds up media playback by 10% of normal speed
Editing Controls
Ctrl-X or Cmd-X Cut
Ctrl-C or Cmd-C Copy
Ctrl-V or Cmd-V Paste
Ctrl-Z or Cmd-Z Undo
Text Formatting
Ctrl-B or Cmd-B Toggle Bold formatting
Ctrl-I or Cmd-I Toggle Italics formatting
Ctrl-U or Cmd-U Toggle Underline formatting
Jeffersonian Notation Symbols
Ctrl-(cursor up) or Cmd-(cursor up) Rising Intonation
Ctrl-(cursor down) or Cmd-(cursor down) Falling Intonation
Ctrl-H or Cmd-J Audible Breath
Ctrl-O or Cmd-O Whispered Speech