Transcript Templates

Transcript Templates allow you to ensure that all of the Transcripts you create manually have the same look, the same layout, and the same formatting. This video shows you how to create and use them.

Transcript Templates

A Transcript Template is simply a formatted text file that you import as the first step in creating a new Transcript in Transana.

To create a Transcript Template, use Transana to create a transcript that contains the layout and formatting you desire. Please note that a line in a Transana transcript may not retain formatting correctly if it has not text, so it helps to have “placeholder” text in the template that will be replaced when the template is used. When you have the template transcript the way you want it, choose File > Save Document As to save a text file of the template. We recommend saving the template in your Media Library Directory.

Default Templates

If you save your template file in your Media Library under the name “Default”, Transana will load this template automatically when you create a new Transcript if you do not choose an Automated Transcription method and you do not load an existing text file.

If you have Transana’s interface set to a language other than English, the name for the default Template may be translated into the interface language. Please contact us through the Contact Form if you have difficulty identifying the correct word to use in your language.