Quick Searches

Quick Searches allow you to explore how a single Keyword is used in your analysis.

Quick Searches

A Quick Search in Transana is designed to show all data items that have been coded with a single Keyword.

To perform a Quick Search, right-click a keyword in the Database Tree in the Data window. Choose Quick Search from the pop-up menu.

Transana creates a Search Result with the same name as your Keyword under the Search node in the Data Window. You will see all the Quotes, Clips, and Snapshots associated with that Keyword.

Notice that the Collection structure you have set up is preserved, which can be very helpful in understanding the Search Results.

Search Results act very much like Collections, except that their contents are temporary. You can safely rename or drop individual elements within the Search Result without affecting your underlying data in any way. This allows you to safely explore a Search Result, dropping false positive data items without removing them from the underlying database, to determine if the results are meaningful.

Right-click a Search Result item and choose Search Collection Report from the menu. This will generate a Collection Report based on the Search Results. A quick scan through the report will confirm that all of the elements in the report contain the Keyword used to trigger the quick search. Close the Search Collection Report when you are finished looking at it.