Transana’s Presentation Mode


The primary use of Presentation Mode is to share video data with others. In Presentation Mode, Transana can use the full screen to play a video, can display only the Media Window (across the top of the screen) and the Document Window (across the bottom), or can play your video’s audio while displaying a transcript but hiding the video. This last mode is useful when subject confidentiality is an issue and you feel it would be better to avoid showing your subject’s face.

On the Options menu, click Presentation Mode. Then click Media Only.

Double-click the name of a Clip and click the play button on the Media Window control bar. Transana uses the entire monitor to play the Clip. When the Clip finishes playing, the other windows return.

Try selecting Media and Transcript Only instead of Media Only. Notice the Document Window at the bottom of the screen. If the Transcript text is not large enough for your intended audience, you may wish to enlarge the text in your Clip Transcript(s) prior to doing your presentation.

Now try Audio and Transcript Only with a video Clip.

To return to regular operation, on the Options menu, click Presentation Mode, then click All Windows.

Transana with PowerPoint


You can use Transana’s Export Clip Video function to export Clips, which you can then embed in PowerPoint presentations. This function will use Transana’s Media Conversion tool to create a free-standing video file of the Clip’s media contents. This file can be linked from PowerPoint, although you should be careful to keep the media file(s) with the presentation file so PowerPoint can find the video file when needed.

You can also run Transana and PowerPoint simultaneously, with Transana in Presentation Mode and all the Clips for the presentation copied to a custom Collection. You can use the Alt-Tab key combination on Windows or Command-Tab on the Mac to switch between your presentation and the display of your Clips within Transana. While it takes a little bit of practice to get used to this, the end result can be quite satisfactory.