Transana lets you preserve the results of a search as a Collection. When you gain an important insight from your data using the Search in Transana, one way to save that analytic insight is to create a Collection full of data items that support your conclusion.

Convert The Results of a Search Into a Collection


Right-click a Search Result, shown in the database tree with a magnifying glass icon next to it. Select Convert to Collection from the pop-up menu.

Transana opens the Collection Properties dialog box. Replace the current Collection ID with your preferred Collection name. Add your initials to the field labeled Owner and select a Default Keyword Group if you wish. Click OK when you have finished.

Notice that the Search Result disappears when the conversion is complete. Also note that Transana will not convert Episodes if they are included in the search because Episodes cannot be included in Collections even though they can be included in Search Results.

Finally, create a Collection Note to document the process by which you reached your brilliant analytic insight.