You can create Clips in Transana without first doing transcription.  While a Transcript can be very useful as a map to your media data, making it easier to find important portions of the events you recorded, transcription is also time-consuming and can be expensive. If you will be going over your data only once, working under tight time constraints or with a tight budget, analyzing media data without Transcripts may make sense.

However, if you intend to do careful analysis by going over your media files multiple times, or if you plan to review “older” data in light of theoretical developments that result from your analysis, creating Transcripts in Transana is highly recommended.

Create a Standard Clip without a Transcript


Right-click on an Episode and choose Add Transcript from the menu. Type in “Blank Transcript” as the Transcript ID and press OK.

To see the Waveform when working without a Transcript, select Options in the Transana Menu, then Media Visualization Style, followed by either Waveform (for just the Waveform) or Hybrid (for both the Waveform and coding information).

It is often helpful to zoom in fairly tightly on the Visualization Window when working without a Transcript. Select about a 2 or 3 minute segment in the Visualization Window by holding down your left mouse button and dragging right until you get about 2 or 3 minutes, as reflected by the “Selected” time indicator. Release the mouse button, then press the Zoom In button in the Visualization toolbar.

Right-click in the Visualization Window and listen to the media file as it plays, watching the cursor line as it traverses the waveform. Identify an interesting segment and make the matching selection in the Visualization Window, using the Waveform as a guide. You can right-click the Visualization Window to play your selection to double-check that your selection is exactly what you want.

Now go to the Data Window’s Database tree and select the Collection in which you want to place the Clip.

Back in the Visualization Window, press the Create Transcript-less Clip Button.

You will now see the Add Clip dialog box. The Clip start and end points are determined by the selection in the Visualization Window, as Transana has no time codes to reference.

Enter an appropriate Clip ID and add Keywords as desired. Press OK to complete the Clip creation process.

Create a Quick Clip without a Transcript


Follow the procedure described above to make an appropriate selection in the Visualization Window to capture a segment of your media data that is analytically interesting or important.

Go to the Data Window’s Database tree and select a Keyword you want to apply to the Quick Clip.

Back in the Visualization Window, press the Create Transcript-less Clip Button.

Transana will automatically create a Quick Quotes and Clips Collection if one does not exist, and will create an automatically named and numbered Quick Clip in that Collection using the Visualization selection to set the start and end points of the Clip and applying the Keyword selected in the Data Window to the Clip.

Watch our ScreenCast, Creating Clips Without Transcripts, for a step-by-step demonstration of creating clips without first transcribing your media data. Be aware that this video is from a previous version of Transana, but the process is the same. (7:54, Transana 2.61a release shown)

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