Keyword Groups and Keywords

To create a Coding system in Transana, you create Keyword Groups with Keywords in them.

Keyword Groups and Keywords

Coding is a central activity in many forms of qualitative analysis. In Transana, a coding system is made up of keywords in keyword groups.

In Transana, you use the Data window to create and manage keywords in order to develop a coding system.

Create a Keyword Group

To create a keyword group, right-click or command-click the Keywords node in the database tree, then click Add Keyword Group

Enter your first Keyword Group name and click OK. Transana creates your first Keyword Group.

Our example data is media coverage of the world financial crisis of 2008. In our case, we will name our first Keyword Group ‘Stakeholder.’

Add A Keyword

The next step is to add a keyword to this group. In our example, we will right-click or command-click ‘Stakeholder’, then click Add Keyword from the resulting menu.




Type in a keyword that includes one relevant piece of information about this piece of data.

We will add ‘Banks.’  Under Definition, you can include information that explains this keyword in more depth. Then choose a Default Code Color that will represent this keyword, by default, in all of Transana’s reports. When done, click OK to save the keyword.

Now add a second keyword for this piece of data for instance a location, the subject or subjects, etc.  Each keyword is added to the database tree as you enter it.

For our example, we’ll add a few more keywords in the ‘Stakeholder’ keyword group (Business, Individuals, Mortgage Lenders, Real Estate Market and Wholesale Credit Market), with a Definition and a Default Code Color added for each.