Introductory Videos

Introductory Videos

The following videos are from the Transana Web Site, and were not created as part of the Tutorial.  They provide an introduction and overview to Transana that many new users find helpful as a foundation for learning how to analyze qualitative data with Transana.

NOTE: These videos may refer to features that are available in Transana Professional or Transana Multiuser but not in Transana Basic.

Welcome to Transana

This video, from the front page of the Transana Web Site, provides a quick overview of Transana’s capabilities.

Transana Demonstration Videos

These three videos are aimed at people who have downloaded the Transana Demonstration to find out more about Transana before they decide if it’s the right tool for them. They go into more detail than the “Welcome to Transana” video above, but less detail than the full Tutorial.

Introduction to Transana

This video is a quick tutorial that introduces potential users to the Transana Demonstration Version and shows how to add new media files to Transana with automated transcription.

Transana Demonstration – Manual Transcription and Time Codes

This video briefly demonstrates manual transcription and manual insertion of time codes. Even if you plan to use automated transcription, it’s a good idea to have a grasp of the concepts presented here so you can fix errors and problems that may occur with automated transcripts.

(To learn more about automated transcription, see the Automated Transcription page in the Tutorial.)

Transana Demonstration – Analysis

This video quickly shows how to make analytic selections in transcribed videos, and how to assign meaning to those selections using both Coding and Categorization.