The Document window provides tools for creating, editing, viewing, and analyzing documents, including Transcripts of media files loaded in the Media window.

The Document Toolbar:

The document window is controlled by a set of tools on a toolbar at the top of the window. Some of these tools are not enabled in Transana Basic, which can only analyze one media file at a time and one transcript at a time, and can be used only for audio or video data.

You can see examples of a few different types of documents and transcripts below. If the document is a transcript of video or audio data, the time-coded text is highlighted to reflect what is happening in the media file as it plays.

A combined Verbatim and Gisted Transcript of a video:

A transcript describing the gestures made in a video:

Side-by-side multiple transcripts of a slideshow with audio. Transcripts are of 1) audio 2) description of images and 3) selected images.