Define New Transcription Shortcuts

Transcription Shortcuts are key combinations that add text to a transcript.  The following video demonstrates how to define and use them.

Transcription Shortcuts

When transcribing, you may have to type the same word or string of text over and over again (such as speaker identity, a technical term, or a phrase related to your study). Transana allows you to define Transcription Shortcuts, short segments of text (up to about 250 characters) which you can insert into a Transcript with a simple key combination.

First, define your shortcuts. To do this, on Windows start with Options > Program Settings, while on macOS start with Transana > Preferences. From there, select the Transcription Shortcuts tab.

In the top row, select the key combination, such as Shift-F1 or Alt-Shift-F8, and enter the text you want to associate with this key combination.  (Please note that some key combinations may already be in use by the operating system or other software on your computer, which will prevent them from working as Transcription Shortcuts in Transana.)

To use a defined Transcription Shortcut while editing a Transcript or Document, simply press the key combination and the associated text will be inserted.