Create a Transcript or Import a Transcript

In Transana, the term Transcript refers to a written record that corresponds to a media file in a linear way. There are many different ways that Transcripts can be used analytically.

Whenever you add an Episode, Transana automatically prompts you to create a Transcript. Every Transana Episode must have at least one Transcript, even if that Transcript is blank. (See Media Data with no Transcripts.)

You can also add Transcripts to Episodes. Just right-click the Episode (Cmd-Click on macOS) and select “Add Transcript” from the pop-up menu. You can create as many different transcripts for as many different analytic purposes as you want. Transana Professional and Transana Multiuser allow you to open multiple transcripts at once for more sophisticated analysis of media data. (See Media with Multiple Transcripts.)

Create a Transcript

Enter a name to identify your transcript in the Transcript ID field, and your name or initials as the Transcriber. Click OK.

Import a Transcript

If you have an existing transcript for your video as a Word file (*.docx), as a Rich Text Format file (*.rtf), or as a file in Transana’s XML Format, you can import it into Transana here. Click Browse in this dialog box to find the transcript file and import it.


When you click OK, a dialog asking about Transana Wave File creation will open the first time you add a particular media file to Transana. Say Yes so that Transana can extract the audio from your media file and create the appropriate waveform diagram.