You have now seen much of the analytic power and flexibility that Transana offers, and learned how to use its powerful tools for transcribing, coding, analyzing and writing up your video, audio, still image, text, and PDF data.

Transana provides more features and controls than can be covered in a tutorial. Use the help system to discover more features and more details of those features, or to explore those that you want to learn more about.

The Transana Web site ( is an excellent resource when you have questions. The User Support section includes a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, additional documentation, and a Contact form where you can ask questions of Transana’s development team. We also offer free Webinars, as well as both online and in-person training workshops.

Please keep in touch. We love to hear about the research that researchers are doing using Transana, and we enjoy featuring Transana users’ presentations and publications on our social media channels. Check in anytime with questions or comments or just to say hello at support [at] transana dot com.

All the best,

The Transana Team