Categorizing Media Data Without a Transcript

You should already have watched the Selecting Media Data Without a Transcript Tutorial ScreenCast. This Tutorial ScreenCast demonstrates the steps to take once you have made a selection to categorize that portion of the media data.

Coding Media Data without a Transcript

Make an appropriate selection in the Visualization Window to capture a segment of your media data that is analytically interesting or important.

You can right-click the Visualization Window to play your selection to double-check that your selection is exactly what you want.

Now go to the Data Window’s Database tree and select the Collection in which you want to place the Clip.

Back in the Visualization Window, press the Create Transcript-less Clip Button.

You will now see the Add Clip dialog box. The Clip start and end points are determined by the selection in the Visualization Window.

Enter an appropriate Clip ID and add coding as desired. Press OK to complete the Clip creation process.

Analytic Memos

It’s now a good idea to create more analytic memos. No action in Transana should be considered finished until you have written about it in an analytic memo.

Right-click (Ctrl-click on macOS) the clip you just created and choose Add Clip Note from the popup menu. Name the new Note for your clip and enter your initials as NoteTaker. Press OK.

Press Ctrl-T on Windows or Cmd-T on macOS to insert a date-time stamp in the note. You might want to write about why you made the selection you did, why you included the coding you did, how you see this clip fitting in with your overall analysis, and any questions you might have, among other issues.