Batch Episode Creation

This video demonstrates how to add multiple Episodes to Transana at one time.

Please note that this video uses the older term Series instead of the newer term Library. In addition, Transana can now import transcript files in Word *.DOCx format.

Batch Episode Creation

If you have a large number of media files to import into a single Library, you can use the Batch Episode Creation tool. You can also import existing transcripts at the same time, if you already have transcripts of your media files.

Right-click or Ctrl-click a Library and choose Batch Episode Creation.

The Batch Episode Creation window will open. You can click Select Files to browse to and choose multiple media files you want to import into the Library, or you can click Select Directory to browse to and choose an entire folder (including sub-folders) of media files that you wish to import.

Once chosen, the list of files will appear under Selected Files. You can add more media files to the list or choose to remove some listed files before you click OK to import the batch.

These source Media Files will be added to the Library as Episodes, automatically named after the media files. If there is a text file in the same directory as the media file with the same name as the media file, Transana will import that file as the Transcript. Otherwise, the Batch Episode Creation tool will create a blank Transcript.

You can rename the Episodes and Transcripts after they are imported if you wish.