Transcript AutoComplete

Transcript AutoComplete allows you to define automatically-replaceable text abbreviations that make transcription easier and more efficient. This video demonstrates how to create and use Transcription AutoComplete in Transana.

Transcript AutoComplete

With Transcript AutoComplete, you can define text abbreviations that Transana will automatically expand during the manual transcription process.

To define Transcript AutoComplete items, go to the Program Settings. On Windows, go to the Options menu and select Program Options. On macOS, go to the Transana menu and select Preferences, Then select the AutoComplete tab.

Type a text abbreviation into the Text to Replace field and the text this abbreviation should be replaced with in the Replace With field. The press the Add button to add the item to the list. Abbreviations are case sensitive.

To use a Transcript AutoComplete item, type the abbreviation into a Transcript or Document, then press a key that signals the completion of a “word,” such as a space, the Enter key, the Tab key, or one of several punctuation marks including period, comma, and colon. The abbreviation will be replaced with the full text.