Speechmatics Server

Automated Transcription – Speechmatics Server

Transana integrates server-based speech recognition technology from Speechmatics.

This option requires submitting a copy of your file’s audio to an external server, so you may need to seek approval from your IRB or other ethical oversight board before using this service.

Automated Transcription – Overview

When creating a new Transcript or editing Transcript Properties, you have the option of selecting an Automated Transcription Method on the Transcript Properties form. (Please note that if you have a transcript in this item, it will be replaced by the automated transcript.)

At this time, you can select either Speechmatics Server or Deepgram Server.

When you have selected an Automated Transcription Method and pressed OK, Transana will run the Automated Transcription tool. This tool guides you through the process of audio extraction and submission of this audio data to the selected Automated Transcription service.

Both of the services that Transana currently supports provide time information with their data, so Transana includes time codes at the start of every sentence. They also includes estimates of transcription accuracy with their data. Transana color-codes these results, marking parts of the transcription with less than 90% confidence.

Please note that automated transcripts still require manual review and correction. Automated Transcription speeds the process of transcription in many instances, but the results can be uneven at times.

Speechmatics Server

If you select “Speechmatics Server” from the list of options, your request for automated transcription will be sent to and processed by You must have an account with Speechmatics to use this functionality. (At this time, accounts include up to 4 hours per month for free.)

Select the language spoken in the media file. If you select English or Mandarin, you can select regional versions using the Transcription Language Locale setting.

Select the level of accuracy you desire, recognizing that Enhanced transcription is slower and more expensive than Standard accuracy.

Enter your Speechmatics API Key, which you can get from the Account section of the Speechmatics web site. This API key serves as your account name and password for Speechmatics.

Important Note:

Using this function requires sending audio from your media file to an outside server. Please make sure you have IRB authorization for this process before using this feature of Transana. Please see the website for the automated transcription service you choose for information about their data handling and privacy policies.