Multiple Simultaneous Media Files

You can analyze up to four multiple simultaneous media with Transana. Please see Working with Multiple Media Files in the Transana Manual for more information, and watch the Adding Multiple Simultaneous Media Files ScreenCast below.

It is important to note that when you put multiple files in a single episode, those files should overlap rather than being consecutive.  Consecutive files need to be analyzed as separate episodes, or need to be combined into a single media file using video editing software prior to being brought into Transana.

Please note that there are some obsolete statements in the video below. You can use larger resolution (widths of up to 1024 pixels) and higher bitrate settings (up to 5,000 kbps) successfully in your video files with hardware and software that is newer than when this video was originally created.

Multiple Simultaneous Media Files

When creating an Episode in Transana, you can press the Add File button on the Add Episode repeatedly to add up to 4 overlapping media files.

Synchronizing Media Files

Once you have added multiple files, you need to synchronize all files with the first file added. Select the file you want to synchronize, the second or later file, in the Media Files list, and press the Synchronize button.