There may be times when you would like to insert a coded Snapshot into a Document or Transcript for context.

Add a Coded Snapshot To A Document Or Transcript

Load the Document or Transcript into which you want to insert a coded Snapshot. Click in Document or Transcript where you would like the image to be placed.  It’s probably best to insert a blank line for the image.

Press the Edit Mode button to put the Document or Transcript into Edit mode.

If the desired Snapshot is open, select it through Transana’s Window menu. If it is not open, double-click the Snapshot in the Collection that contains it.

It is often helpful to include the Snapshot’s Coding Key with the Snapshot in the transcript, as this makes the meaning of the coding shapes clear. Therefore, press the “Show Coding Key” button in the Snapshot Window so the Coding Key is displayed. When the Coding Key is displayed, it will be included when a Snapshot is exported to a file or placed in a Document or Transcript.

Press the “Insert Coded Image Into Transcript” button in the Snapshot Window’s toolbar. Now close the Snapshot Window. You will see your coded Snapshot in the Transcript. You will also see a hyperlink labelled “(Snapshot link)” which you can click to re-load the Snapshot. Note that editing the Snapshot after this point will not affect the copy of the image in the Transcript.