The Transana Tutorial is designed to help you learn how to use the tools and features of Transana in step-by-step fashion.

The Tutorial can be used along with the Transana ScreenCast videos. The ScreenCasts demonstrate how to do particular tasks within Transana, while the Tutorial guides you step-by-step through the process yourself.  Where appropriate, ScreenCasts are linked on Tutorial Pages, even through the content doesn’t always overlap perfectly.

We believe that people who follow the path through the Tutorial and watch some of the concepts demonstrated in the ScreenCasts will be more likely to remember the features and details presented, learn Transana better, and get going with your own data analysis faster.

Transana Basic is a simplified version of Transana, allowing the analysis of individual media files, but without the complexity of Transana’s more advanced features. It is great for students who are learning qualitative analysis, and for people with relatively straightforward collections of single camera video or audio data. You can transcribe, code, clip, categorize, analyze and annotate your data, and create a wide variety of useful reports.

Transana Professional is the fully-featured version of Transana for individual researchers.  Transana Professional adds the ability to import and analyze text, still image data and survey data, as well as allowing the analysis of more complex video and audio data including multiple simultaneous media files and multiple simultaneous transcripts. It also provides several more sophisticated reports that allow very broad insights into your data.

Transana Multiuser has all of the nimble, sophisticated features of Transana Professional, but in a format that allows teams of researchers to share the same data at the same time, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Along with the tools and features of Transana Professional it has additional features that allow research teams to work on their project data collaboratively and communicate efficiently.

Select the tutorial pathway below for the version of Transana you plan to use.

You can stop and come back to a particular page of the tutorial at any time – just bookmark your spot for when you return, and keep moving forward from there.

If you are using the Demonstration version of Transana, choose the Transana Professional Tutorial, as the Demo has some of the advanced features of Transana Professional enabled.