Transana Basic

Transana Basic is designed for researchers with simple media data. You can analyze individual media files with one transcript at a time on a single computer. This inexpensive version of Transana is aimed primarily at students and novice researchers with straight-forward media data.

With Transana Basic you can:

  • Import and Analyze Media Data (audio and video) into Documents and Transcripts

  • Transcribe, Segment, Categorize, and Code Media Data

    • Transcription is not automated in Transana.

    • Transcripts are not required for working with media data in Transana.

  • Capture Still Images from Video Data in Transcripts

  • Convert Media Files from many unsupported formats using Transana’s Media Conversion Tool

  • Manage and analyze extremely large collections of Media Data

  • Code and Categorize Media Clips

  • Locate Media Clips in Context

  • Explore coded data from a variety of perspectives with sophisticated reports and analytic tools

  • Review thematically similar media segments using Transana’s Play All Clips feature

  • Transana Basic provides international language support:

    • Support for data in most left-to-right languages with prompts in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian Bokmal, Norwegian Ny-norsk, Swedish, and Chinese – Simplified

  • Transana Basic makes a variety of analytical approaches easy to carry out on your media data:

    • Categorization – Create and expand thematic Collections

    • Categorization – Nest thematic Collections in existing Collections as deeply as you like

    • Categorization – Select portions of media files to place in Collections

    • Coding – Create and expand a flexible coding scheme

    • Coding – Apply codes to portions of media files

    • Coding – Create temporary groups of data items based on Coding

  • Transana Basic offers a rich range of analytic tools and reports:

    • Library Report – A text-based report about source data files

    • Episode Report – A text-based report about how source media data has been used analytically

    • Episode Keyword Map – A graphical report that shows coding for source media files

    • Collection Report – A text-based report about analytic data gathered into a Collection, regardless of source

    • Collection Keyword Map – A graphical report that shows coding for media data gathered into a Collection, regardless of source

    • Search Tool – Gather data items together based on the coding and categorization that has been applied

  • Transana Basic provides essential writing tools:

    • Notes for all supported data types, facilitating keeping Analytic Memos

    • Notes Browser Tool – facilitates the review and comparison of Notes

    • Notes Reports

  • Transana Basic has a complete built-in Tutorial and Manual

Purchasing one copy of Transana Basic entitles you to install the program on one computer. If you get a new computer, you may move Transana to the new computer without making an additional purchase.

Transana Purchase