Important Issues for Automated Transcription

Not all automated transcription options are created equal.

There are several important issues to consider when choosing an approach to automated transcription. These include, in rough order of importance, data security issues, language(s) spoken in the data, transcription quality, processing speed, and cost.

Automated Transcription – Comparing Models

Introduction As the author of transcription and analysis software, I've been evaluating tools for automating the transcription of video data for a long time.  For two decades, it took me longer to format and correct automated transcripts so I could analyze them than...

Now Available : Automated Transcription

Adding Automated Transcription to Transana has been a goal of mine for two decades. This post discusses the capabilities and limitations of current speech-to-text technology as it applies to Transana.

Syncing Media Files Automatically

What do I recommend for the Video Sync Server?  Unfortunately, the answer is that it depends on several factors that may be different in Turkey than they are where I live.  Different universities and organizations have different rules.  The “best” answer is different in different places and for different projects.

Collaboration in the time of COVID-19

There are many ways to share media files for collaborative analysis over a distance using Transana Multiuser. This post describes one such technique, using Google Drive.

Back Up Your Data!

Hard drives die. Disasters occur. Will you be able to recover your Transana data?

Transana and MacOS Catalina

Transana and MacOS Catalina

Apple recently released MacOS 10.15, known as Catalina, and made major changes to the way MacOS works "under the hood." While there was plenty of advanced notice about the changes, the scale of the changes needed means that many smaller software developers, including...

Importing Transcripts from Transcription Services

Importing Transcripts from Transcription Services

 We receive frequent inquiries about importing transcripts from automated online transcription services into Transana.  There are several issues to consider if you are thinking about having your media transcribed through a service, whether automated or manual.  Online...

Making Sense of Your Coded Data

Making Sense of Your Coded Data

So you’ve added a bunch of documents and images and episodes to Transana. You’ve developed a set of keywords that represent your coding system. You’ve made a bunch of selections and you’ve categorized and coded them. You’re ready to start working with Transana’s...

StudioCode and Transana

StudioCode and Transana

StudioCode is dead. Long live StudioCode's data. StudioCode support and availability have disappeared over the past year, leaving users stranded and unable to access their coded video data. Several former StudioCode users have asked me to create a way to import...