We have launched TransanaSCRIBE, an upgrade of Transana’s tools for fast, accurate transcription of audio or video, as a stand-alone transcription product.  Academic researchers, journalists, attorneys, podcasters, local governments, market researchers and professional transcriptionists across fields have been asking for an all-in-one, affordable application to quickly and accurately transcribe media files.

Well, now there is one. And it’s just 39 bucks.

TransanaSCRIBE does NOT provide an auto-generated transcript. As much as we all want effortless automated transcription of audio tracks, we are a long way from that holy grail. There are plenty of free or cheap tools that can produce an automated transcript with about 90% accuracy, so our focus is on the last essential 10% that gets you to a meaningful document.

You can import an auto-transcript into TransanaSCRIBE in any language and quickly zip through the media file to add speaker identifiers, format the text and add punctuation, accurately represent overlapping speech, correct misheard words, proper nouns and pop culture terms, and add time codes if you need them.

But whether you type your transcript completely from scratch or start by importing notes or a partial transcript, SCRIBE has the tools you need to produce a fast, accurate and usable transcript.

Export your finished transcript as a Word .docx file or as a Transana XML file for analysis in Transana research software.  TransanaSCRIBE is a great choice for researchers who pay someone to transcribe and timecode their work. Your transcriptionists can work from anywhere you set them up with a licensed copy of the software.

New users can learn SCRIBE quickly with our walk-through Online Tutorial and internal help files.


◊  Transcribe audio and video files, as you control media playback with our efficient keyboard controls or any commonly used USB foot pedal, which you can configure to work the way you want.  Speed up, slow down or back up with a tap of the finger or foot. Use Autocomplete or Transcription Shortcuts, our two text expanders that let you define strings of text you can insert into your document over and over.

◊  Import a wide variety of video or audio files. Our simple media conversion tool lets you transcribe files recorded in unusual formats.

◊ Change the sizes of the media playback window and the transcription window. Arrange them where you need them on your screen – or across multiple monitors.

◊  Import batches of media files at one time and assign them to their own libraries.

◊  Add graphics files to your transcripts as illustrations, including still images captured from your video with the click of a button.

◊  Work from anywhere with no internet connection needed.

◊  Print your formatted document directly from SCRIBE for offline collaboration.

◊  Add 1 click time codes at 1/30th of a second accuracy.

Check it out and let us know what you think!