Easy Video Analysis Without Transcripts


Do you need to create video clips and do quick analysis without creating transcripts?  Transana makes it easy.

Certain types of qualitative research are done by grabbing short clips of video data and coding them directly, without the need for a text-based transcript.  Analyzing media data without transcripts is valuable for investigators and researchers who will be going over the data quickly to highlight and demonstrate specific things (for focus groups, or for giving feedback to trainee doctors or teachers, for instance), collecting a lot of short clips to demonstrate information directly, especially when there are no spoken words to take down  (in animal behavior research, or analysis of actions and interactions in engineering research and so on) and for some researchers who are working under tight time constraints or with little time or money for transcription.

If you need to analyze video data without using a transcript, there are two distinct steps involved.  Click on the page covering each in our free online tutorial for the details.

1 – Creating Clips without Transcripts

Once you’ve created clips and added keywords to them, you move on to

2 – Analysis using Transana’s Reports

You can also visit the ScreenCasts page of the website at https://www.transana.com/learn/screencasts/ and look for “Creating Clips Without Transcripts.”

The bottom line is that you develop a coding scheme as represented by Transana’s Keywords and you apply those codes while creating transcript-less Clips, assigning keywords either during or after clip creation.

As we’ve said before, we consider your media file to be your primary data, and a transcript can be a useful abstract representation of that data whose main purpose is to allow you to locate the portions of the media file that are analytically important or interesting. But you don’t need a transcript for many types of research using media data, and Transana’s tools offer the easiest and most efficient way to analyze your video data and create the reports you need.

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StudioCode software was used by researchers for collecting and analyzing brief video clips without transcripts until it was discontinued in 2018. 

We heard from former StudioCode users who were left with coded data they thought they could no longer use. We added an import function to Transana so that former StudioCode users can continue to analyze their already coded data in Transana.   By using the ‘Clips Without Transcripts’ functions explained above, they can use Transana for all the same kinds of analysis tasks they used StudioCode for in the past.

Importing a StudioCode package into Transana is simple.  From Transana’s Tools menu, Import>Import StudioCode Package

and browse to the file you want to import:

Transana will import your clips, your codes and your labels. The nformation about your coding you are used to from StudioCode will appear in Transana’s visualization window if you select the Keyword option and in a number of Transana’s reports.