StudioCode is dead. Long live StudioCode’s data.

StudioCode support and availability have disappeared over the past year, leaving users stranded and unable to access their coded video data. Several former StudioCode users have asked me to create a way to import StudioCode data into Transana.  This is a project that will definitely take some collaboration.

I have written code that can open a StudioCode data package and extract preliminary data.  I have a version of Transana in development that will be able to bring a StudioCode video file into Transana as an Episode.  It can identify all of the selections made from that video file, along with the coding applied to the selection, and it can bring that data into Transana as transcript-less Clips with associated Keywords.  If the selections were part of a StudioCode row, that row is represented as a Transana Collection.

When you import your StudioCode data into Transana, you will see your media file in Transana’s Media Window.  Once you turn on Keyword Visualization, Transana’s Visualization Window looks very much like StudioCode’s coding bar.  All of the Codes you defined in StudioCode’s Coding interface show up as Keywords in Transana’s Database Tree.  All of the count and duration data that StudioCode provided is accessible through Transana’s Episode Report.  While coding in Transana is a somewhat different process than in StudioCode, it is easy to learn and you can make selections in your media file and apply codes to those selections, so you can continue to code your data and expand your analysis.

There are a number of other StudioCode features that I would like to make functional in Transana, that I think could be added quickly and easily.  StudioCode allowed transcription, and it should be possible to capture that data in Transana.  StudioCode allowed notes, and that data should be accessible.  StudioCode supported multiple simultaneous media files, and so does Transana.  Unfortunately, none of the StudioCode data files I have access to made use of these features, and I need to acquire sample StudioCode data files to be able to figure out how to capture this data.  That is to say, I need collaborators who have data files that used these features who are willing to share their data in order to make it possible for Transana to support these features.

If you can share StudioCode files with me, or have ideas for useful tools for coding video data, please be in touch through the Contact Form.


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